"i laughed, i cried, it was better than i could have ever imagined" -Michael B. Harrington, November 2014
"julieswang.com has changed my life" -Dean Winters, December 2014
"this is the best website I've ever seen" -Tom Praderio October, 13th 2014 1:14 PM
Thanks Tom! Glad you have such great taste in websites!!
"i feel like i've been living my whole life wrong" -Karan Talati, October 13th 2014 1:38 PM
Gee whiz Karan! you crazy kid! glad to get you back on track!
"Wow Julie you are really good at HTML! Next time we're hanging out which we totally do let's talk about redesigning my site!" -Oprah
Aww shucks, thanks Oprah!
"what am i looking at" -Benjamin Siepser, October 13th 2014 1:45pm