House of the Dragons

Halloween is my favorite and this year I really wanted to be a big, shiny, fire breathing dragon. I told Marty this meant that he could be a princess. Marty said he’d rather be a knight (traditional gender norms… booooring). But as we browsed the beautiful textiles at our local fabric store, Marty couldn’t resist the sparkles and decided he too wanted to be a dragon. Double dragon it was!

Dragon visualization in the fabric store
Beautiful, but wayyy too sweaty

We settled on some gorgeous looking blue and pink shimmery stretch fabric, and some fun sequined stuff. We took our haul home, and I got to work.

First up, some disco pants! I traced some pants that I already had that I liked the fit of, and made some sparkly pink and blue pants. I like to cheat and copy clothes patterns that I already have – I know they’ll fit how I like and I avoid having to actually find a pattern online. Plus it’s pretty easy with the see through tracing paper.

so pink! so fun!
so blue! so stretch!


I patted myself on the back for having started my Halloween costume so early this year, it was only the beginning of October! Then I got busy and forgot to work on it (oops) until the weekend of Halloween! Time to break out the glue gun :).

I bought some cheap “dinosaur” heads on Amazon, and we decorated them in a big way, covering the mouth with red, and the rest of the head with the shiny fabric. Horns got added too, and Marty had the key insight to putting chopsticks in to keep them nice and pointy. Marty also added some extra velcro so they would actually fit on our heads and not be too loose.

the original head
late nights with the glue gun
first fit check! too floppy!

Next up, the shirt! After waffling for a while we decided to do black shirts with sewn on wings. I made up a pattern, and aligned the sequins so that they would face the right way – I only messed this up once! I then added some sparkly belly rounds. The final touch was Marty adding big puffy spikes using some hot glue gun mastery. He put extra glue on the tips so that they would stay pointy, and stuffed the rest with some baffling that we got at the fabric store. What a guy.

Showing off them wings!
Spike action! (Also Marty did not have covid)

The final result was _epic_ and we were so pleased! We first wore them to our friend Dylan’s housewarming/halloween party, then busted them out for Halloween proper during the annual “walk around the Mission in costume” parade with a bunch of our equally creative friends. They were a hit! And we loved them!

Karl the fog!
Turtle eating the poor jellyfish!

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