SF Election Debaters

As I stared at my thick election guide for the election and began reading some of the debates, I was struck by the lack of informed debate about the issues. If only there was a way to generate great arguments for and against each issue, and have each side be informed, precise and professional….

Well good thing OpenAI is making it easier than ever to create intelligent agents capable of generating text, speed, and responding to each other! In particular, their new Assistants API allows you to programmatically generate custom GPT’s with persistent instructions, files, and other API integrations. On top of that, their Text to Speech Model allows you to create realistic voice overs of any text you want, in a variety of voices.

So, I put together:

  • An OpenAI assistant with the text of each ballot measure from the SF.gov website
  • Instructions about debate, a moderator, and personalized instructions for the for and against side
  • A 3 round debate consisting of an intro, rebuttal, and concluding remarks
  • Text to audio so you can listen to the AI talk about housing, police staffing, and all the other issues we have in SF this year!

Go and get the results and full analysis on my Github!

A teaser block diagram:

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